Better ways to add new members: Direct Import, Email-Only Subscribers, and More

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It's now easier to add new members to your Booklet community. 

In the past, Admins could only invite members. Those members had to click a confirmation link and set up their profile before receiving any emails. 

Today's changes make it easier to grow your community with an updated "New Member" flow . . .

Directly import members - no confirmation email required

Have members already consented to receive email from your community? You can now check "Member already consented and opted into receiving emails from this community" and skip the confirmation step - immediately importing them to your community. 

You can also check whether to send an "Welcome email", letting the user that you've made them an account. 

Either way, they'll immediately be subscribed to your email newsletter.

Easy identity verification to support more imports

To prevent spam and maintain email deliverability, Booklet limits how many members you can import (without a confirmation step).

By default, you can directly import 10 members. To instantly raise this limit to 10,000 members, I've added an optional identity verification step with Stripe. This is a best practice from newsletter software like Beehiiv.

Raising the import limit is available to all communities - including free ones!

(Need a higher limit or help importing a list? Email 

Subscribers who receive emails before finishing their profile

When adding a new member, the "Name" field is now optional.

If you check "Member already consented and opted into receiving emails from this community", then:
  • If you include a name - then the member instantly shows up in the Directory as active
  • Leave the name blank - then the member becomes a subscriber who receives the email newsletter, but doesn't show up in the the directory until they activate their account

This new "Subscriber" status paves the way for Booklet to act like a mailing list - where subscribers can receive the community newsletter without having a profile or opt-in step. (And, whenever they're ready to log in for the frist time - Booklet pre-fills their email for passwordless login to make the first-time experience painless). 


Questions or feedback? Post below! And, stay tuned for more updates soon.