Booklet now highlights recent replies on community homepages

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I'm pleased to share some enhancements to the posts page, the home of any Booklet community:
  1. Dynamic Post Ordering: Posts on the homepage are now listed based on the time of their most recent reply. This means that older posts with fresh responses will get bumped to the top, ensuring you never miss an ongoing conversation.
  2. User Photos Highlight Active Discussions: To give you a clearer picture of which posts are buzzing with activity, we've added photos of recent repliers to each post on the homepage. This visual cue will quickly show you where the latest interactions are happening.
  3. Real-time Updates: The posts list page has been supercharged to update in real time. As new replies roll in, the page will automatically reorder, and you'll instantly see the faces of users who've just chimed in.
My aim with these updates is to highlight active discussions. Sometimes, the replies and ensuing conversations can be just as interesting as the original posts. By highlighting ongoing discussions, I hope to make it easier for you to dive into the topics that matter most to your community.

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