Booklet now shows viewers on posts

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Wondering if anyone has seen your post? Booklet now displays who has read it in real-time. This offers a simple and straightforward way to know whether anybody saw your writing.

Emoji reactions in chat apps often to acknowledge having read something, but this can become an exhausting cycle of sending emojis on messages as you see them. Booklet offers a balanced approach, giving authors feedback  without becoming a distracting attention-seeking social network.

  • View tracking is limited to logged-in users. Views from logged-out users in public communities won't be counted.
  • View data is accurate from this point forward. I've made an effort to include past views, but it's not exhaustive.
  • Views on email are not tracked, so people that received a "New Post", "New Reply", or summary email don't show up as a viewer unless they click in.¬†
  • Booklet doesn't send notifications in real-time, so don't expect immediate views - most views happen after the daily newsletter gets sent.¬†