Enhanced social sharing with Open Graph images

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iMessage, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other websites utilize the Open Graph protocol to enhance link previews with additional information. A key feature of this protocol is the ability to include a large image, which is displayed alongside the link on these platforms.

I just implemented dynamic generation of Open Graph images for Booklet communities and individual posts. This means that when links to these are shared on various sites, they will be accompanied by a larger and more detailed display.

This functionality, which I previously integrated into Postcard, significantly enhances the appearance of shared posts, making them look more professional and polished. Good Open Graph images lead to increased engagement and more clicks on shared content.

Try it out by sharing a link to a community or post on social media.

Here are some examples of OpenGraph images on various platforms:

Sharing a link to Booklet HQ on iMessage

Sharing a link to this post on LinkedIn

(A final note: OpenGraph images match the visibility of the content they represent. So, private posts don't have images.)