Introducing: Real-time Replies on Booklet! 🗣️🧵

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We're taking Booklet's interactivity up a notch! Dive into the art of conversation with our brand-new feature: Replies.

🚀 New Features
  • 🗣️ Seamless Replying: Engage directly by replying to posts on Booklet. Our design takes a leaf out of Email's book—ensuring replies are read chronologically for a natural conversation flow.
  • 📬 Unified Email Threads: Posted a reply? We'll shoot an email notification after a brief 5-minute window (giving you ample time for those second thoughts and quick edits). With our improved integration, original posts and their ensuing replies will conveniently nest under the same email thread in most clients.
  • ⚡️ Feel the Pulse with Real-time Replies: In line with our core philosophy, Booklet champions an intuitive, chat-like experience for its power users. Every reply action—be it creation, editing, or deletion—gets updated live, ensuring you're always in the loop, sans the pesky reloads.

👀 What's next
  • 📧 Email-to-Reply: Soon, you can chip in your two cents directly via email, no Booklet login required.
  • 🔔 Tailored Email Subscriptions: Choose the conversations that matter. Decide which posts to stay updated on.
  • 🎉 Welcome Alerts: A toast to community growth! Get notified when new members hop on board.
  • ⚙️ Community Settings Refined: Fine-tune your community’s experience with an all-new settings page.

Try it out by leaving a reply here!