Introducing the Booklet newsletter

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Today I'm launching Booklet's newsletter feature, a daily digest for members of all activity in your community. 

While building my last company Moonlight, I found that a well-structured newsletter is often more widely read than main platform content. The 1% rule supports this conclusion, indicating that  a small fraction of digital community members actively create content, while the vast majority of community members read without ever posting or commenting. 

The Booklet newsletter aims to serve these members that prefer to follow a community, without having to be inundated with notifications. It also encourage more participation - because members don't have to feel like their posts or replies might bother others by triggering an individual notification.

How it works

The Daily Digest is designed to streamline community activity into a single daily email, making it easier for members to stay informed without being overwhelmed by individual notifications.
  • What's included: The digest provides an overview of new posts, active discussions, and recently joined community members.
  • Optimized Engagement: Instead of multiple emails for every new post, members will receive this consolidated update. Those wishing for real-time post notifications will have the option to enable them in the future.
  • Owner Notifications: Community owners will continue to receive immediate notifications for every new post.

While this is the initial version of the newsletter feature, I will continue to improve and refine it. I believe the newsletter is one of the most important features of Booklet - because it keeps everybody engaged.

Let me know your feedback!