Login improvements for Booklet communities

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In an effort to enhance your experience on Booklet, I've introduced a few updates to our login process:

  1. Optional passwords: Next time you visit the login page, you'll see that the password field is optional. If you'd rather not use a password, just skip this step. We'll send a secure, passwordless login link directly to your email for quick access.
  2. Seamless Redirection: Once you're logged in, you'll be taken back to the page you were trying to access. This ensures you always pick up exactly where you intended on Booklet.
  3. Smart Email Links: Clicking a link in a Booklet email? If you're not already logged in, our system now pre-fills the email address associated with your account. No more guessing which email you used when you joined.

My aim with these changes is to make transitioning from our emails back into the community as smooth as possible As always, your thoughts and feedback are crucial to Booklet's improvement, so please share any opinions or suggestions you might have.