New in Booklet: Better summaries of active discussions

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Booklet aims to have its newsletter summarize all community activity in one email per day.

Until now, the "Active Discussions" section told you which topics had new replies. Starting tomorrow, Booklet's email newsletter smartly summarizes recent replies - so you can follow what people are discussing right in the newsletter:
Summary of recent replies on a Booklet thread

This feature makes Booklet even better for long-running dicussions. We've seen that early users can actively contributed to threads for weeks, compounding knowledge over time. One of my favorite long-running discussions is the "Best NYC spots for remote work" thread in the Dimes Square Ventures community, which people add to as they discover new laptop-friendly cafes.

We built this enhancement using OpenAI, which does a fantastic job of summarizing text and discussions. 

Stay tuned for more updates soon.