New in Booklet: Notification controls, moderation, and other improvements

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Happy Friday! Here are some updates about Booklet:

New Features

  • Choose which days of the week to receive the newsletter: Want your newsletter less often, or only on certain days of the week?  On "Settings -> Notifications", choose which days of the week Booklet sends the newsletter digest to you. Your newsletter always includes all content since your last newsletter, so you don't miss any updates. (Booklet always skips sending a newsletter unless there is a new post or reply to share).
    Manage days of the week you receive the newsletter
  • Set the default notification preferences for new members: Control the default days of the week that new members receive your newsletter. If you're using Booklet for work, you can set it to only weekdays. If you're making a more casual group, have it send only once or twice per week. (New members can still change their defaults).
    Manage the default notification settings for new members
  • Auto-moderation of posts: Booklet is adding protections to make sure that objectionable content doesn't show up in you forum and newsletter. Booklet now screens all posts with OpenAI's Moderation API. By default, it quarantines any content flagged by OpenAI Moderation for you to review. You can also optionally lock accounts that post disallowed content.  Manage these settings (including disabling them) under "Settings -> Moderation".
    Manage automated moderation settings


  • When inviting new users, you can now put multiple email addresses in the invitation form to make inviting users easier
  • Fixed an issue where buttons sometimes had the wrong background color