New on Booklet: Enhancements based on your feedback

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Thanks for sending so much feedback about Booklet so far. I've been been hard at work adding enhancements and fixes to address it . . .

What's new

  • Passwordless login. On the login screen, you now have an option to have a magic link emailed to you so that you can quickly log in. 


  • Optimized Link Behavior: Links within posts and replies open in a new tab on desktop. On mobile, they open within the same tab for a seamless experience.
  • Editor Enhancements: The text editor for posts and replies has been refined to ensure consistency between the draft and the published version.
  • GIF support: You can now liven up posts and replies with GIF support.
  • Flexible Attachments: Captions for attachments are now optional, offering you more versatility in your posts.
  • Editor Keyboard Shortcuts: The text editor now supports shortcuts for initiating quotes, lists, code, and headings using popular markdown abbreviations.
  • Email Display Consistency: Rest assured that posts and replies will look the same in emails as they do on the website. Plus, "New Post" and "New Reply" emails now feature prominent buttons for direct access to community discussions.


  • Fixed an issue where replies were not visible to the author without reloading the page
  • Fixed a bug where the mobile menu for communities showed "Sign out" when it should have shown "Sign in"

What's next: 

  • Newsletter Capability: Soon, instead of individual emails for each post or reply, you’ll receive a daily summary email, neatly encapsulating all posts, replies, and new member updates.