Newsletter improvement: "Significance Filter" on new replies

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Building on Booklet's recent AI-driven enhancements, I'm excited to announce an enhancement to the Booklet newsletter that I call the Significance Filter.

I've heard feedback from Booklet users that the newsletter sometimes sends without a lot of interesting content. The root cause seems to be that simple replies reacting to posts can trigger a newsletter. For instance, a reply of "Nice!" would trigger a newsletter saying "Philip says 'Nice!'". And, that's not very interesting!

To ensure that we're not inundating your inbox with every single reply, Booklet's AI will now assess the significance of replies to determine which are worth triggering an email. Only those deemed important and worth notifying everyone about will trigger a newsletter. This means you'll be informed about the discussions that truly matter, without being overwhelmed.

I believe this refined approach to the newsletter will offer a more tailored and pertinent experience for our community. As always, your feedback is invaluable. Please let me know your thoughts on this new feature and how we can continue to enhance Booklet for you.