Unifying Booklet community emails

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Previously, community emails were tailored individually for each member. For instance, your own posts did not appear in your newsletter but were visible to others. Similarly, new members were featured in other members' newsletters but not in their own. Additionally, the AI customized subject lines and summaries coudl differ slightly for each member. Members also had the flexibility to choose different days to receive the newsletter. 

Feedback from Booklet customers indicated that this individualized approach was not optimal. Members preferred to see their own posts in the newsletter as a confirmation of visibility. Community owners expressed the desire to control the newsletter's distribution schedule. Furthermore, a common subject line across all members fostered a sense of unity.

Now, all community members in a Booklet community receive the same newsletter. Also, community admins can set which days of the week the newsletter sends to all members on the Community Settings.

This change follows my Community Media Company concept, where I want to make Booklet feel more like newsletter software for both admins and members. Expect to see more enhancements inline with this concept soon. 

Further details about today's change:
  • In Community Settings, "Member Defaults" is now the "Newsletter" page. Instead of setting the default delivery days for members, Admins can now change delivery days for all members - including active ones.
  • Members no longer can choose which days of the week they receive the newsletter. However, they can choose to unsubscribe from the newsletter on their "Settings Notifications" page or at the bottom of the newsletter emails. 
  • Members who had previously opted out of receiving the newsletter on all days will remain unsubscribed.