Updated layout for Posts and some other Booklet improvements

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Today I launched some updates to how Posts and Replies look on Booklet. This is an extension of the design refresh that I released two weeks ago. The new Post design is inspired by blogs and news websites - to be easily readable for long-form content. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Some other updates: 
  • The text formatting buttons (like the "Bold" button) now work better across screen sizes, and pin nicely under the navigation for long posts. 
  • There's a new "Add Member" flow for admins that should be much clearer. Try it out!
  • Booklet communities now supports being installed as a Progressive Web App. The current implementation is more of a "beta" - stay tuned, because lots  more is happening here. To try it out on an iPhone, open a community on your phone, then click "Share -> Add to homescreen."