Use Booklet with Zapier

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Two weeks ago, I launched the Booklet API. It lets you add and interact with members on your Booklet community. 

Based on feedback from Booklet customers, I've started to integrate the Booklet API with Zapier. Zapier lets you connect apps to Booklet, so you can:
  • Add a member to your community when they join your newsletter (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, beehiiv, or etc)
  • Invite a member to your community when you add them to an Airtable row
  • Do more advanced things - such as build an application-approval flow using Bubble to gate access, or only add members after a successful payment in Stripe. 
The integration is in the early stages, and currently supports the "Add Member" API. But, if you want additional controls - let me know and I'll prioritize building it!