You can now @mention people on Booklet

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Aaron Cohn
Aaron Cohn
Brandon Huang
Brandon Huang
, a feature you requested is live!

Introducing Mentions on Booklet. You can now type "@" to mention a member:

Some notes:
  • Mentions work on both Posts and Replies
  • Mention notifications are on by default for all members. But, they can unsubscribe from them on the Settings -> Notifications page.
  • When you mention somebody, they automatically follow the conversation and get all future replies. So, no need to mention people more than once in a discussion.


Who can be mentioned?

Any active member.

Are notifications immediate?

Notifications are delayed about five minutes, to give you time to edit and for Booklet to run moderation algorithms.

What if I mention somebody after I already posted?

They'll still get the notification.