Introducing Open Registrations for Booklet Communities

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Previously, all members of a Booklet community needed to be invited by an admin.

Now, you have the option to set your community to "Open signups", welcoming everyone interested in joining. By default, communities remain invite-only, but you can change the signup settings this in the "Settings->Hosting" section.

This shift was made possible thanks to the new moderation features I rolled out recently. Besides monitoring Posts, our system now scans replies and profiles for any inappropriate content. If you choose the "Open" setting, I recommend activating the "Auto-lock members that post content flagged by OpenAI Moderation" option under the "Settings->Moderation" section.

With today's change, Booklet HQ is now the first open community on Booklet. If you're interested in following the development of the product, or trying it out - you can now join here.